Min tidsuppfattning är helt borta de senaste dagarna, det är så svårt att försöka anpassa sig till tiderna i Sverige samtidigt som man måste hålla en hyssaf bra dygnrytm här. Men det som har hänt senast är att moppen ville lägga av helt och hållet i Vincom pakeringen (ett stort köpcenter) men precis när vi skulle ge upp hoppet så lyckades vi få igång den och fick den kört till reparation.

Men förutom det så har det var en en bra helg, mycket mat och avslutat dagarna med att gå ut och dricka. Mitt hem luktar för övrigt frukt som kommer göra det svårt för mig att somna men varför det gör de kommer ni förhoppningsvist få veta imorgon eller dagen efter.
My sense of time are way off there last days, it's so hard having to  adjust to the times in Sweden while needing to a good "day cycle" (too tired to remember the correct word) here in Vietnam. But the stuff that have happened from last time is that my bike just decided to quit completely in the Vincom parking ( a big mall) but just when we almost gave up hope, a spark of life came to the bike and we manage to drive it to get repaired.
But except that, it has been a very nice weekend, with lots of food and finishing the days with a nice a couple of drinks out. My home smells by the way like tons of fruit which will give me hell trying to sleep. But you will hopefully know why it does that tomorrow or the the after.
We ate here yesterday, can't remember the name but it was a nice place.

After that, we went to Hägen-Dazs for some delicous ice cream
And after the delicous Ice cream, we topped it of with a few drinks at bui vien street (Nha, Cuc anh, me)
Went here for lunch today, at Thai express. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but this is called "hot pot" were you put in raw ingredients in pot like the name suggests :P really good.
Tonight we got invited to eat at a restaurant, that is owned by a friend of theirs.
Hot pot again, the meat was delicous, reminded me of Swedish bbq meat. And the weird things to the right is oysters with melted cheese.
This was fried noodles. The dried ones tasted somehow kinda like "Salta pinnar" from Sweden but it was really good. Can't remember the name of the place but it was in district 5.
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